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Create communities + publish content through an optimized groupchat experience. Leave ads, algorithms, and endless scrolling behind.

Salut - the new social network

Create connections. Eliminate noise. Monetize your passions.

Spark conversations in Salut social network
unfeed yourself

Create content that sparks conversation

send videos, photos, files, music, and messages in groupchats or broadcasted on one of your channels. curate mini-feeds to drown out the noise and focus on #topics you love.


Think your favorite groupchat, but better

#topics help organize conversations and layered muting minimizes distractions. create channels to broadcast publicly to subscribers, or use groups to speak with your squad.

Organization and muting in a new social network Salut
Monetization in Salut for Channels and Groups - a new social network

Supported by fans, not brands

say thanks to your favorite creators with flexible funding options. plus, earn 3% commission when you share Salut with other creators.

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